The Lodge

Welcome to the Lodge!

The lodge was built by the Hogenson family ancestors in 1889. The original beams and timbers are still preserved the way they were built. The old dairy barn has been refurbished into a rustic, comfortable lodge to accommodate meetings, parties and dances.

In the lodge you will find many animal and fish mounts, all harvested by the direct Hogenson family. The family has also been collecting antiques and unique finds for many years, such as an 1872 corn planter in working condition, real Native American Indian arrowheads and rattlesnake tails.

A drink at the bar is a must! Although Chase the Adventure does not sell liquor or beer, you are more than welcome to bring in your own beverages and relax at the bar with a stream running right through it! You may even be able to find real goldfish and raw gold mined on our Alaskan river-front property.


The Atmoshpere

 The Bar!


The glass topped bar has a creek running through it... fish and all! In it you will find raw Alaskan gold, Dale's collection of Bicentennial quarters and much more. Come see what you can find!

The Fireplace

A stone fireplace gives the lodge a cozy feel in the evenings. Look closely, somethings are hiding within the stones!

The Rooms

Five theme rooms are offered in the restored barn. Hunt in the Duck Blind, fish in the Fishing Hole, camp in the Alaskan or relax in the Deer Camp. These four rooms each have their own bathroom and are on the upper levels of the lodge.  Each room has a handmade stained glass window! The fifth room is the Sportsman's Room, a combination of all things hunting and fishing and is wheelchair accessible on the main level.  Additional room is available upon request.






The Rooms



The Alaskan
Double bed with a fold out single bed
Sleep with the bears!






Deer Camp
Double bed with twin bunks
Deer hunters paradise!





The Duck Blind
Double and single beds
Your bed is wrapped in camo!






The Fishin' Hole
Double and single beds
Your bed is in a flat bottom boat!






The Sportsman
Double bed
The best of all worlds and wheelchair accessible!